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Taking classical music out of the concert hall and giving it to YOU, in Prince Edward County.

All experiential awards donated by sponsors now have been allocated: congratulations! Details and disclosures here.

Days: Sat, Fri, Wed, Fri... Venues: From rustic to pastoral-urbane... Musicians: 7 world-class players... Programs: As evocative as last year, we promise... Advance Tickets: Credit-card online, group + youth discounts, less than at-the-door, no refunds (sorry) but we may be able to help (policies)... At-the-door Tickets: cash-only, no discounts... Lodging: Being in-County can be special, but 4-minute-away alternatives are hotels or B&Bs in Belleville and Trenton: these are usually without any booking restrictions.

Founding Donors: Margaret Campbell, Barbara Crook & Dan Greenberg, Mary Hofstetter & David Riggs, Ken McKinlay, Shailendra Verma, Geoff & Michelle Walker, Patrick & Susan Walsh.

Operations Donors & Donations: Do you love what we do? Please see our Donor Information page. Levels (✔ = given so far): "My troubles receeded", "Time slowed" ✔, "I sat agape" ✔, "Time stopped" ✔, "I tingled all over", "I shivered in the heat" ✔, "I lost myself forever" ✔.

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