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The beginning of something special.

thor eglington

Hello all and welcome to our new site!

The informal "Classical in the Clos" (summer 2015) was an amazing experience for all. It was reborn last December as the "Classical Unbound Festival", a not-for-profit corporation. We are again pushing the envelope as much as our imaginations and pocketbooks will allow us.

Last year, performances took place in a very large rustic barn, using hay bales as seating-banquettes, with the barn-ends open to expose the audience to the vastness and horizon-line of Lake Ontario. Concert performances included pieces by Bach, Bartok, Beethoven, Busser, Ibert, Leclair, Mendelssohn, Mouquet, Persichetti, Piazzolla, Ravel, Saint Saëns, Sarasate, Vaughan Williams, Villa Lobos, and Jocelyn Morlock's 2005 "Vespertine", R Murray Schafer's 1999 "Wild Bird", and Judy Loman's 1996 arrangement for flute and harp duo of Debussy's "Prélude a l'après-midi d'un faune".

Attendees thanked us for having created such an event, and (some tearfully) spoke of how 'at one' they felt with the other audience members, the musicians, and all parts of the concert 'moment'... Like the birdsong that emerged from the thickly foliaged trees outside of the open 20'x20' performance-barn doors, to surreally and seamlessly merge into "Wild Bird"; to the patterned shafts of sunlight that arched across the vaulting beams, obliquely illuminating each musician moving in and out of the shards of light, while "Vespertine" soared along the drifting wind currents from the open barn doors through the semicircles of attendees lowly-seated on hay bales; to the Lake Ontario shore-line and horizon-line that trisected the dusk view between lush green, lake blue and darkening sky while "Prélude a l'après-midi d'un faune" haunted the barn's back corners.

We want you to feel this magic.