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About: us & ambitions.

Classical Unbound Festival is an Ontario not-for-profit corporation founded by: Jessica Linnebach (Associate Concertmaster NACO), Joanna G'froerer (Principal Flute NACO), Thor Eglington (Entrepreneur, Freelance Clinical Analyst, Editor-in-chief), and Yosuke Kawasaki (Concertmaster NACO).

The premise of Classical Unbound Festival concerts is to 'give' classical music to audience members in an environment/context that leads to a particular intimacy between and among audience members and musicians, powerful enough to create a period of 'community' as inclusive of the musicians as of the audience.

Our first priority is to entertain you, the audience. Through being true to our vision, we plan for our concerts to remain innovative, and to provide musical entertainment where such music or musical opportunities are not normally available, where musician and audience participants are supported to explore the boundaries of what it means to attend a classical music concert, and where community and local culture are exemplified.

We are committed to creating an annual festival with longevity and sustainability. Several of our not-for-profit 'raisons d'être' address other ambitions that we have, outside of performances per se. These include: advancing knowledge and appreciation of culture and tradition through musical performances; providing opportunities or facilities for education and instruction in the musical arts; and arranging competitive performances, as well as establishing and granting awards and distinctions.

We commit to doing our best to fulfill this artistic vision, while entertaining you, on the road to creating a long-lived and sustainable annual festival and realizing our related ambitions.

Board of Directors: us 4.

Co- Artistic Directors: Jessica Linnebach, Joanna G'froerer, Yosuke Kawasaki.

Executive Director, Creative Director, All-things business (President, Chairperson): Thor Eglington.

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