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LCCS defined.

What is Classical Unbound Festival's LCCS?

We play acoustic 'classical' music. We communicate best using this language. We are the interpreters; others have drafted the music, have committed it to lines and blots on a page. We choose these drafts, environments, contexts, and settings to move you emotionally, in as many ways as we can. And, you... You are half of the puzzle, completing the circuit between initial composition and the final emotional rendering of each piece. We play acoustic classical music, but it is only together that we can create a musical moment. LCCS is part of creating these moments.

Interested in if classical music has anything new to offer you? Like (or even love) classical music but worried that it isn't evolving, keeping pace with our overwhelmingly fast world? LCCS is our very-carefully curated "Living Canadian Composer Stream". This is our selection of pieces from active composers, whose writing fuels our ability to reflect our real-time world, and to speak musically for and with you in the moment.

LCCS pieces are interdependent with their concerts' traditional stablemates, grounding these newer pieces in the historic trajectory of musical communication. With LCCS, our concerts are classical music's heritage as well as its future promise.