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Aug 17 2017, 18:00<br />Méchoui Unbound<br />at Soup Opera with Martin Logan<br />V.LIMITED-SEATING EVENT<br />(+ wine & food)

Aug 17 2017, 18:00
Méchoui Unbound
at Soup Opera with Martin Logan
(+ wine & food)


Soup Opera
is getting unbound with us.

Soup Opera is presenting an extravagant evening with Classical Unbound Festival: a Moroccan-themed Méchoui (lamb on a spit) including drinks for $149 per person (+ taxes/gratuities).

Unbound's musicians will be hosted by Chef Sujo Bae just as you are, and we will be there to enjoy the event just as you. BUT, we also will be offering a few musical treats (n.b., but this is not a formal recital). All told, there will likely be as many performers as guests.

Additionally, in a pairing of sublime audiophilia with supreme musicianship, Martin Logan Speakers has graciously sponsored this event by providing a pair of their incredible 5' tall ESL11a speakers to fill-in the musical moments while the musicians join you in your feast.

Reservations can be made by calling Chef Sujo Bae at 613-399-1888 -or- by eMailing her at

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