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Do you love what we do? Please consider a donation.

Do you love what we do? Please consider a donation.


If we have done something special for you with our performances, please consider supporting us with a donation. Donations are vital to reinforcing our concert offerings, by directly and immediately supporting our performances, overall operations, and future planning. Be a "Comprehensive Donor" or a "Target Donor".

Be a "Comprehensive Donor"

Donate to our efforts as a "Comprehensive Donor", by being a: Supporter, Friend, Advocate, Benefactor, Patron, Sustainer, Champion, Visionary, or Revolutionist. Use the donation-level selector above -OR- send us an eTransfer (and password) to -OR- send us a cheque to: 105 Frank St, Ottawa, ON, k2p0x3.

Being a Comprehensive Donor means that you care equally about all aspects of Classical Unbound Festival (CUF) creating its concerts, including: creating an emotionally impactful performance; being musically adventurous and exploring multi-dimension performances; and effectively and efficiently managing the festival, and accessing sponsorships and grants. You trust us to deploy your donation strategically and responsibly.

We are very pleased to offer Comprehensive Donors benefits that reflect our appreciation for their support.

Be a "Target Donor" (Target Your Donation!)

As one-half of the concert experience between you and us, we also trust your assessment of where you think we can be helped best, and we can target your donation to your priorities.

With our targeted donations, we use your donation-choice to shape our efforts and direct your funds. As well as other benefits, "Target Donors" receive a post-season, donation-specific accounting of how their donation helped us.

Target-donate by clicking according to your priorities:

  • My priority is for CUF to create sensate moments (to create an emotionally impactful performance) - I want to be a Sensate Donor.
  • -or-
  • My priority is for CUF to be musically instigative (to be musically adventurous and explore multi-dimension performances) - I want to be an Instigative Donor.
  • -or-
  • My priority is for CUF to manage its operations (to effectively and efficiently manage the festival, and access sponsorships and grants) - I want to be an Operations Donor.


Click for a Donor Information/Accountability summary.

Note: in our start-up period, we do not have "charitable status" from Canada Revenue Agency, and therefore we are unable to issue tax-credit receipts for donations.


Founding Donors

In our 2016 inaugural year, Founding Donors laid the foundation for us to proceed. These were entrepreneurial believers in our eventual performances, and we are proud to recognize them here: Margaret Campbell, Barbara Crook & Dan Greenberg, Mary Hofstetter & David Riggs, Ken McKinlay, Shailendra Verma, Geoff & Michelle Walker, Patrick & Susan Walsh.

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