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Be an Instigative Donor.

Be an Instigative Donor.


Donate to our efforts as an "Instigative Donor", by being intrigued with musical: Re-imaginings, Transpositions, Transcriptions, Transfigurations, Re-instrumentations, Transformational Interpretations, Orthogonal Harmonizations, Multidimensional Sonic Arrays, or New Commissions. Use the donation-level selector above -OR- send us an eTransfer (and password) to -OR- send us a cheque to: 105 Frank St, Ottawa, ON, k2p0x3.

Being an Instigative Donor means that you are concerned primarily with being personally effectual in causing rapid change. You would like to see under-heard but select beautiful music performed, and you recognize that sub-par performances dramatically reduce musical impact and accessibility, and the likelihood of mass-appreciation of these pieces. You also believe that other art-forms can be incorporated into musical performances to great effect. Instigative donations target the inclusion of under-heard pieces, other art forms (e.g., spoken word), and other performance 'dimensions' (e.g. naturally occurring venue sounds).

We use your donation-choice to shape our efforts and direct your funds. Instigative Donors receive a post-season, donation-specific accounting of how their donation helped us, as well as other benefits.


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