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Be an Operations Donor.

Be an Operations Donor.


Donate to our efforts as an "Operations Donor", by wanting us to beef-up our*: CP, ERP, SSp, QA, QM, PPM, TQM, LSp, or BPR. Use the donation-level selector above -OR- send us an eTransfer (and password) to -OR- send us a cheque to: 105 Frank St, Ottawa, ON, k2p0x3.

Being an Operations Donor means that you are concerned primarily with how efficiently we are deploying our assets and in-house talents, how efficiently we are translating our musical ideas into concerts, and how strategically we are enlisting sponsors. You are also concerned with how well we are able to access public funds to ensure our sustainability. You are aware that this is its own effort, in an environment where established classical music festivals garner about 50% of their operating cash in the form of grants. You suspect that this can create a market-place where the true cost of performance is camouflaged by subsidization, leading to unsustainable but unavoidable ticket-prices for those with few subsidies. Operations donations target accountable, effective and efficient management and marketing, and support sponsorship generation and the work of pursuing grants.

We use your donation-choice to shape our efforts and direct your funds. Operations Donors receive a post-season, donation-specific accounting of how their donation helped us, as well as other benefits.

* CP (Capacity Planning), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SSp (Six Sigma plans), QA (Quality Assurance), QM (Quality Management), PPM (Project Production Management), TQM (Top Quality Management), LSp (Lean Systems plans), BPR (Business Process Re-engineering).


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